Episode 114

Planning a Successful Date Night

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Connecting

The purpose of date night is to connect with your spouse. On today’s episode, Big Rich and DeAnna will give you a framework that will help you plan successful dates everytime without fail. 

About This Episide

I remember dating DeAnna before we were married. I looked forward to being with her; in fact, I couldn’t wait to spend time with her again. I impatiently waited for the weekend to arrive. It didn’t matter what I had going on in my life when it was time for us to spend time together; nothing was going to stop me.

I often wonder if couples pursued each other with the same passion they shared while dating how their current state of affection would be for each other. Date night has the potential to radically change how you relate to one another in your relationship—the same passion you shared while dating can be experienced in your marriage.

Connecting with your spouse on a regular date night increases the elasticity of your intimacy between dates. It allows you to be more gracious with your spouse during times of conflict, and it will boost your recreational, emotional, and sexual intimacy.

Listen as Big Rich and DeAnna help couples build a framework to ensure a successful date night.