About us

Hey guys! We are “Big” Rich and DeAnna. We have a passion and beating heart for marriage. In our 24 plus years of marriage, we have experienced the valley and mountaintop experiences marriage brings. Deeply connected, intimate marriages are what we desire for every marriage. How do you get there? Grow! In order to have the kind of marriage you want, you must grow.

Life has seasons, and so does your marriage, but in each season of marriage, you can experience rich lasting intimacy. We have found growth in Jesus to be the vehicle that drives us to lasting intimacy. We work on growing in our marriage constantly. It’s something we are intentional about. Growing in marriage means growing individually and together as a couple.

DeAnna is the wild child of our family. She enjoys the outdoors, water sports, fast cars and secretly wants a motorcycle, but will settle for a scooter. Rich, on the other hand, enjoys the safety and security of the indoors. He loves winter and ice-cold weather. He’s also convinced his hobby of shooting photography and reading a great book with a cup of amazing coffee is really the only way to live. Rich also wants that scooter! We have two children, 21 and 16 years old and two dogs.

Growing In Marriage started and grew out of our love and service to married couples. We currently attend New Life Christian Center in Turlock, CA and have been in ministry for more than 13 years. Together, we counsel, lead life groups, speak at events, host a weekly podcast and run this site; and we love it!