Conversations Starters for Couples

Ask a Question

Never run out of things to talk about with this new resource. There are more questions in Face to Face than there are days in a year. Together you will connect in fresh new ways. 

Fun Pop Quiz

After every 30 questions, there is a fun five-question pop quiz. This innovative form of review is an excellent opportunity for you to dive deeper into your answers and share more details with your partner. Impress your spouse with how well you remembered their answer–like a boss!

Keep It Light or Dive Deep

Sometimes you want to keep things lighthearted; other times, you want to dive a little deeper. Face to Face has follow-up questions that will allow you to gently peel back the layers of your heart to share with your spouse. 

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A Closer Look

What People Are Saying

Billy + Jessica Houghton

“It livens our daily conversations within our marriage and, candidly, sharpens us to be better partners.”

Dave Larson

“You thought you knew all there was to know about your spouse? Guess again.”

Jody + Joy Robertson

“As you use this resource, you will be challenged, learn ways to bless your spouse, and become a better person.”

Bob + Johanna Elms

“The book is designed for marriages of all stages from newlyweds to those celebrating their diamond anniversary and everyone in-between.”

Chris Lewis

“I have learned things about my wife that I didn’t know I wanted to know!”