When God's word is front and center, your spouse gets all the benefits. Rich and DeAnna Millentree, marriage coaches and founders of Growing In Marriage, have designed the Couples Bible Study in a way that feels natural for today's 21st-century learners. It's packed with practical questions for you and your spouse to engage one another and proven methods to help you retain and remember what you learned in your study. Take the gems you've discovered and immediately apply them to your lives.

"This is fantastic. This will be a great resource for couples who are looking for something that fits well into all the other things going on with kids, work, other studies, and just life in general." 


For Her
For Him



Four topics that will enrich your life: Forgiveness, Anger, Communication, and Love

Carefully crafted questions to engage with your spouse

Together and individually guided prayers

Ample time to rest, reflect, and recap each studied topic

Proven methods to help you retain and remember what you read and study

Learn to become more self-aware of what God’s Word is doing in the soil of your heart


Leap Over These Frustrating Hurdles


Developing spiritual intimacy can feel intimidating and scary. So much to do and not enough time to do it. It's paralyzing. We guide you every step of the way.

So, I read the scriptures and answered the questions. Now, what do I do? Is that enough to start feeling spiritually intimate with God and my spouse? Nope! We help you make those connections and bridge the gap between study and engagement.

Often we allow someone else's vision of “studying” to direct our approach to God’s Word. Sometimes we have a picture of the perfect study style in our mind that is impossible to reach. The Couples Bible Study will help you develop your own unique rhythm to figure out what works best for your relationship.

There are so many highlighting systems and "circle this" and "underline that" methods for studying the Bible. What's the right way? You don't have to master a system of study to understand God's Word. We eliminate the complexity and let you enjoy the experience of simplicity.

Finding time can be a huge challenge, especially in the different seasons of our lives: small kids, busy work schedules, PTA meetings, sporting events–life is busy. That's why we have designed the Couple's Bible Study to be concise. You can spend fifteen or sixty minutes studying God's Word and connecting with your spouse. It's entirely up to you. You don't need to set aside huge chunks of time in your day.

Chances are, you and your spouse approach your devotion times very differently. One of you may like diving deep with word studies and identifying patterns, and the other may enjoy reading small chunks of a chapter and meditating on it throughout the day. There is no right or wrong way, just different ways to mine God’s Word. Discovering how to sync your unique spiritual rhythm will enhance spiritual intimacy in your marriage.

Take a look inside!

Each day of your study is saturated with Scripture. You'll read one carefully selected chapter of God’s Word. Once you have finished reading the chapter (which should take no more than five minutes), you'll write down the gems that stuck out for you. Then we will zoom in on a few verses for you to re-read. This will help you retain even more of what you read.



God's Word is one of the means by which we come to know Him better. Each day you will engage with God through the Bible and in prayer. You'll also engage with your spouse, sharing what you learned in your study and talking through some fun and carefully crafted questions provided in your workbooks.


Taking in God's Word and hearing your spouse's feedback is a beautiful gift. However, for our lives to be changed, we must be willing to submit ourselves to the Spirit of God and act on the things we’ve learned. In your study guides, there are specific places for you to write down how you will begin to apply what God is doing in your lives.

“I think almost every couple in our community would greatly benefit and love a guided study such as this one!”

-Jake + Ellie


It's good to take a moment and ponder what you have read, how you've engaged with God and your spouse, and how you will act on the things you've learned. When we reflect on God's Word and plan our next steps, we are actively making those things a part of our life. There is plenty of space to write down your reflective thoughts as you ponder them throughout your day.

Enjoy what being 
known feels like.

Are you a visual learner?

We begin each lesson with a short video

Scan a QR code and quickly jump to that day’s video

Watch on your mobile, tablet, or computer


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This is fantastic. This will be a great resource for couples who are looking for something that fits well into all the other things going on with kids, work, other studies, and just life in general.


I thoroughly enjoyed digging in each day and visiting with my bride about this content.

- Chase

We enjoyed taking the time to sit together and share!

- Sam + Shelly

They are very thoughtfully created.

- Ryan + Jessica

I think almost every couple in our community would greatly benefit and love a guided study such as this one!

- Jake + Ellie

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