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If you ask five different couples, “What is marriage?” chances are you’d get five different answers. One couple may try and define it, another may talk about its benefits, while another may tell you what it’s not. Marriage can be described in a lot of different ways; however, we believe marriage always consists of these three truths.

According to the Word of God, marriage is one man and one woman who have covenantally committed to each other and have been joined together by God for a lifetime.



Marriage is:




Clearly, there’s a lot more to marriage, but it always sits on these three pillars. If marriage is God-designed, then He must have something to say about it and its purpose. If marriage is maturity-directed, there has to be purpose and ways by which it matures us. Lastly, if marriage is Christ-centered, there is something inherent in marriage by which it should point to Christ and should grow your marriage to display the character of Christ. These are the three pillars we emphasize at Growing In Marriage.

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