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DeAnna was feeling overwhelmed with the workload at home. She had made plenty of attempts to ask me for help, and regretfully, her requests fell upon deaf ears—my deaf ears. I was the one person who should have been willing to jump in and help in any way that I could, but I didn’t. Looking […]

Communication, Conflict

July 2, 2024

Building a Stronger Marriage Through Daily Encouragement

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“Hey!” DeAnna yelled from the laundry room as she came in from the garage. Her voice was agitated and slightly angry, and she was not in the mood for games. “Can you help me?” When I heard the garage door open, I started putting my shoes on to help bring the grocery bags inside. I […]

Communication, Conflict

June 25, 2024

Three Surprising Ways Couples End Up Arguing and How to Prevent It

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Feeling unheard or invalidated by your partner can stir up a whirlwind of emotions. I can’t tell you how many times I have brought something up to my wife that was genuinely bothering me or important to me, only to have DeAnna deflect, defend, or dismiss what I was sharing with her. I would feel invalidated, unheard, […]


May 20, 2024

When I Bring up a Problem to My Spouse They Get Defensive and Dismissive

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