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The Absence of Spiritual Leadership Feeling like your husband isn’t fully embracing the role of Spiritual Leader can make it seem like your family is missing a vital component of its foundation. Every household deserves to thrive under nurturing spiritual leadership that promotes growth and harmony. If you’re feeling unsupported or unsure about how to […]


May 27, 2024

My Husband Is Not Spiritually Leading Our Family

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Feeling unheard or invalidated by your partner can stir up a whirlwind of emotions. I can’t tell you how many times I have brought something up to my wife that was genuinely bothering me or important to me, only to have DeAnna deflect, defend, or dismiss what I was sharing with her. I would feel invalidated, unheard, […]


May 20, 2024

When I Bring up a Problem to My Spouse They Get Defensive and Dismissive

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Are you feeling overwhelmed because you’ve started setting boundaries by saying “no,” only to find yourself loaded down with even more responsibilities? It can be scary to take a stand for your own needs and end up feeling more burdened than before. This sense of inequity isn’t just exhausting—it’s totally unfair. It’s unfair to you […]


May 13, 2024

Enough Already! Saying ‘No’ Has Somehow Increased My Workload!

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